Riccardo Massi


La forza del destino – Review on Crikey

REVIEW: The Force Of Destiny

Lloyd Bradford Syke on Crikey - 08.07.2013

Leonora, as all self-respecting girls of good breeding must, is engrossed, or almost, in a forbidden love, with Don Alvaro. In fact, she’s more or less conceded to elope with him. And why wouldn’t she, when the role is sung by Riccardo Massi?

He, as Alvaro, is the archetypal nobleman cad, who couches his unseemly, libidinous haste in chaste, romantic language. He has himself convinced, so why not others, including Leo and her family?

Massi made his debut only four years ago, yet has already sung on numerous of the most prestigious stages in Europe, as well as with The Met. His is the most attractive of tenors: as warm and smooth as melted couverture, while remaining clear and strong...

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